Friday 27 July 2012

Who's up for a spot of sponsor bingo during the Olympics opening ceremony?

In a blog post dated tomorrow (oops), Samsung has confirmed that its Galaxy Note and Galaxy SIII mobile phones have a role in the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

With the BBC already having made the most of its ‘official broadcaster’ status by apparently adding a few BBC-contracted celebrity runners during the torch relay, I was wondering whether any of the other sponsors will also be making an opening-night appearance. McDonalds?  Coca Cola?  I reckon we’ll probably be able to spot quite a few of the Olympic Partners throughout the event.

An event that I’m very much looking forward to watching on TV, in case you wondered.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

I want a pick-up truck. This proves I'm a copywriter.

Earlier this month I was driving a pick-up truck. A Ford Ranger, since you ask. Powerful, comfortable and all the other things you’d hope a 2012 commercial vehicle would be. Probably reasonably economical as well, although I didn’t really check because I wasn’t paying for the diesel.

Anyway, it did its job even better than I’d expected. And when I’d finished with it, I parked it outside the farm office, handed the keys back... and wished I had my own pick-up truck.

This, I fear, is a symptom of being a copywriter. Understanding and appreciating benefits. Not just from my own perspective but from the viewpoint of other people. A pick-up truck is designed primarily to carry a variety of loads but I can also visualise its practicality as a family car. A taxi. A towing vehicle. A statement of personal style.

Okay, it’s not for everyone but then neither is an iPhone or a McDonald’s burger.

Why don’t I have a pick-up truck today?  Because I’m not working for Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi or any other maker of utility vehicles at the moment. And that means I can also sell myself the benefits of NOT having a pick-up truck.

Right now, I’m convincing myself about the benefits of catching the bus.

Friday 6 July 2012

East of Earwig: not the hyperbolic ramblings of an anti-Lewes troll

Look, I have a confession to make. I'm not like the rest of you. I'm from the wrong side of town. In fact, I'm not from town at all. I live three miles north-east in the village of Ringmer, where only the bravest of bus drivers venture.

Here's another confession. I like it here. And I don't want to join you down there on the flood plain, thank you all the same.

Now, this is probably the point where you dismiss my introduction as the hyperbolic ramblings of an anti-Lewes troll. But you're wrong.

You see, I have a theory. Here it is.

Bridge's Lewesian theory: all the good bits of Lewes are available to me without living there.
It has a companion theory that goes like this: all the bad bits of Lewes are only really suffered by people who live there.

Let me demonstrate with the following example. Harveys beer. Wonderful stuff. But I don't need to stand by the Argos car park to enjoy a pint in the sun. I can walk to The Anchor in Ringmer and sit in the garden. (Heck, I can cross the road with my pint and watch cricket on the green as long as I take the glass back and no-one ever finds out).

Fair enough, you may say, but what about Bill's cafe? Well, my Lewes friend, there's no priority queue for residents. Waving your council tax bill doesn't get you a table any quicker. You locals suffer the gastro-tourists, I walk in for a sausage sandwich and a coffee when they've gone. Besides, given the company's recent expansion, I reckon there'll be a Ringmer branch of Bill's by 2014. (Not that we desperately need one, for we have the Jack & Jill bakery: home of the Jack & Jill bun - fruit, icing and jam combined. You won't find that in the Collison collection).

May I also point out that parking's free in Ringmer and our house prices are more affordable than yours?

People of Lewes, escape those knee-trembling hills and head for the countryside. You know it makes sense.

Just don’t come looking for me when you arrive here. You'll probably find me in Laporte's - or in Steamer Trading - or Octave music - or perhaps even visiting an estate agent. Being from the wrong side of town doesn't mean I don't have aspirations.

First published on 5th July 2012:
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