Monday 22 April 2013

A lavish lunch and exotic drinks… all when he should be working

  • Copywriter enjoys his second meal of the day
  • Secret sandwich in intimate writer’s retreat

He’s supposed to be working for clients but copywriter Mark Bridge has been spotted eating lunch instead.

Sources have told how the self-employed scribe made himself a sandwich before carrying it back to his desk.

The writer also found time to boil his retro-style kettle and make a cup of rare Rooibos tea, brewed from leaves only found in South Africa’s fynbos region and enjoyed by many other glamorous A-listers. Controversially, he was seen to add milk to the drink.

Left-over pork from Thursday’s dinner was combined with spicy sweet chilli sauce in a pitta bread, leaving some to suggest Mr Bridge had been taking culinary tips from celebrity chefs like Jamie and Nigella.

He started writing professionally more than ten years ago, although creativity was clearly in the blood as childhood friends tell how he’d pretended to be a newspaper reporter from a very young age.

Mr Bridge was unavailable for comment today.